Weathermen#6, Nanite tech

The rise of the nano-technology in the beginning of 21st century didn't foreshadow the horrors that 3rd World War brought. Fear of the atom was quickly displaced by the fear of the nanite, as the former at least offered quick and painless death in the epicenter of the blast.

It all started with Thijs and Fenna Maas and their development of Alpha Strain. Before Alpha Strain nano-tech was developing very slowly, as funds for science were shorten due to returning financial crisis. Economic axis was moving far to the East and it became evident that Europe lost its major role in the World order.

When the Maas family introduced a solution to the falling European economy,  rapid advancement to in nano-tech the world had never seen before. Improvement so limitless that the plausible capabilities of nano-tech were beyond imagination.

Alpha Strain was born, an ingenious piece of programming allowing nano-technicians to work with matter on its fundamental level. Possibilities were endless, potential profit tremendous. The notion was that Alpha Strain would be the greatest invention of the century.

Nanites were influencing every branch of industry, from medical science to engineering. But the biggest funds were of course spent on military applications. With the  future of Europe secured, Thijs Maas made a terrible mistake that would inadvertently  start World War III.

The Maas family were reputable, wealthy and influent throughout the European Union. At the peak of their success they sold Alpha Strain patent to the United States Government. This was an action that stopped the monopoly for advanced nano-tech for Europe. An unforgivable act of treason in the eyes of nationalists that gained significant influence in the EU politics. 

It was too late the N.A.U.  were already developing new tech thanks to the Alpha Strain. The Maas family had become the richest family in Europe, but their influence in European politics deteriorated rapidly.

Tensions were rising between Europe and America as to who was the global leader in the nano-tech. The tipping point was a series of terrorist attacks on European Financial centers Vienna, Oslo, Stockholm and Berlin resulting in death of some of many key E.U. politicians. N.A.U.  was blamed  and for the first time in over 100 years Europeans and Americans met on the field of war

The war was terrifying. The unleashing of arsenals of not only conventional weapons but  nanite weaponry was evolving  at an astonishing rate . Millions died, millions more suffered as nano-warfare stripped the world to its bones with no end in sight.  
The first major incident of BlackRain was in New York city it nearly destroyed what was the worlds global financial and political epicenter.

The death throes of New York city were also the Birth Cries of Blackrain.
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Michał Bernat, an artist and illustrator. Art director of Shockwork Studio, responsible mainly for the concept-art as well as the art cohesion of the whole project.
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