Developer's Diary: BlackRain: UNAS Zhendu Preview

UNAS is reknowned for producing the best shock troopers in the world. Highly trained and equipped with some of the most advanced protective gear in the world. Zhendu are trained to use speed as their primary form of offense and defense, for what better way to protect against a bullet than to ensure it never hits? Their iconic Reflex Reaction Armor accelerates their reaction time to superhuman speeds, allowing a limited ability to even dodge bullets and shrapnel. Their superior speed allows them a frightening capacity to reposition and redeploy as strategy dictates, allowing them to fully utilize their PDR's deadliness in close combat, or reach cover before the crosshairs hit them.


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About Michał Bernat

Michał Bernat, an artist and illustrator. Art director of Shockwork Studio, responsible mainly for the concept-art as well as the art cohesion of the whole project.
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