Developer's Diary: BlackRain: N.A.U. Ulysses Full Preview

Hello! We just got back after Christmas with a full preview of our Ulysses! Last time we showed only main parts of the Mech, but this kit is way bigger. It has enough parts to build one of three Ulysses variants: Sidewinder, Bushmaster or Diamondback. 
The Bushmaster can punch holes in the wall with its Dual Tiamat Flak Cannons for other troops to advance through, creating new tactical possibilities. Their manipulator arm allows it to operate terminals, open doors, or just punch someone in the face with the enormous strength of a mech. 

The Diamondback offers a variety of guided missiles in its Brimstone M.L. 330. If that isn’t enough to crush the enemy, it can always send a Tactical Nuke! 

The Sidewinder is the most balanced of the three variants, offering good offence in both short and long ranges. The LGC .50 “lawnmower” cuts infantry down like…well, a lawnmower, while the 20mm AMR “Black Arrow” can snipe irritating targets from afar. 

As you can see all of the three types offer something different for your army. But enough talking about it, watch the video and enjoy the renders. 

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About Michał Bernat

Michał Bernat, an artist and illustrator. Art director of Shockwork Studio, responsible mainly for the concept-art as well as the art cohesion of the whole project.
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