Weathermen #2, Guns of the North part 1

Shockwork Studio would like to introduce our teaser trailer for Black Rain. Enjoy!

As you can see in the video, there will be four main factions in Black Rain. Below you can read short desciptions of them.

The Survivors

The North American Union is unique among the World Powers for its geographic advantage in relation to the rest of the world. An advantage that was quick to be diminished at the start of World War 4. Former allies and enemies old and new have found foot holds along all of the North American Coastline, fighting a war from all sides against foreign powers for the first time since the age of colonialism.
The NAU is embroiled in a constant fight for survival, with parts of the west coast and North Eastern U.S. being contested for control by at least one other foreign power.  Alaska Lost to the Russian incursion, Eastern Canada Siding with EuroLance. And yyet the NAU pushes on, pulling statistical miracles out of certain annihilation. Whether it is a home field advantage or sheer tenacity, the NAU has ground the hostile advance to a stalemate.

The NAU fights with tried and true tactics, relying on solid armor, straight forward technologies, and reliable fire power. Each and every member of the NAU War Effort is trained and enhanced to be a competent and constant threat to whatever they may face, resulting in a rugged and punishing force that can take and give beating in equal measure.

"Don't trust anyone"

Rising Empire

A Newly founded corpocracy, The United Asia Alliance is a land of explosive technological advancement and totalitarian rule. It is arguably the world’s current number one military power, formed from the greater majority of the traditional Asian countries and ruled by the few mega-corporations that propagate the vast majority of products within their influence. The UNAS augments its civilian population and its standing military with cybernetic implants and limbs, giving every member of its society a strong familiarity with augmetics. As a result, its workers can toil industriously and its soldiers enjoy phenomenal performance in combat.

The UNAS military can be found on every continent in the world in varying degrees of strength. Largely obedient to the whims of whichever corporation equips them; soldiers execute aggressive and devastating raids for reasons as varied as the powers they serve.
Shock and awe is their primary military doctrine, crushing enemies' morale with overwhelming speed and force, and extensive use of close-quarters and melee weapons. They seek to engage on their own terms, and to always have the first and last strike. Mobility is their greatest asset, and they will use it to strike from the best position whenever possible.

"To move is to live"

Stay tuned for more news from Weathermen.

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Michał Bernat, an artist and illustrator. Art director of Shockwork Studio, responsible mainly for the concept-art as well as the art cohesion of the whole project.
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