Festival of the hunt, Zadruga

Skulls, horns, trophies. It’s all just a show, a masquerade… To plant a seed of fear in your miiinds. Don't get intimidated! These are men! They bleed like men, they can be killed like men! They are the ones who fear Us! Lying in wait in their forests. They Fear us! They Hide! and we need to rid ourselves of these peasant boogie men and their mind games once and for all can claim what was once ours.

Lt. Col Koen's speech 5 Mins before Operation Cluj, to the 2nd Battalion, 563 Man strong. All disappeared without a trace after 10 mins inside of what was Chuj Napoca. The single largest loss of EuroLance lives to date.   

See: Lost Sons Incident


-They are not human…
-you're Sucha Chicken Shit Cruz, used your head…what they are? Monsters? Maybe even ghosts? Ooooohh Scaaaarrry.
-You won’t laugh when you hear the howls tough guy. We lost three last time just gone. At one point We had over twenty of their hounds on us. We hit a clearing an they just disappeared as we darted past the tree line. The entire time I never saw a single person.
 -See this here Rhino .905 ? 30 really sweet rounds of  Mangler AP, and more where that came from… This Coldsnap Integrated Multi-Launcher… Spider Hud with backscatter and a sonar alerts,  I can kill Anything that walks on this old Earth Cruz I ain’t scared for a second...
-We had all the hardware and enough fire power to level a small town. None of us were wet behind the ears either Mondo. They don’t pay me enough for this shit…

Fragments of recording of PMC Taipan Fireteam:  Black Roses. Somewhere Outside of Warsaw. 

All fireteam's members found dead, excoriated and hung by the ankles. 
Written on one members skin laid over a rock 2 words “Go Home”
See Sub File:
Petition for GRIP Escorts: 736A 
Severe  Causality  Asset Recovery Form: 89T


-I got away away...Only Me… you get IT?
-I understand Frank , Please start from the beginning, tell me, what happened before you ran away.
-Trees, tall as skyscrapers... like pillars of heaven...
-Go on Frank, there's nothing to be afraid of.
- what do you know about fear doctor? You ever see two abominations  of rip apart one of your friends like a Plaything? Watch a man dissolve in to black ooze and then slide away like living black mercury looking for its home. You ever been caught in a razor blade hurricane Doc!!!
-We'll end this session here Frank, we'll continue tomorrow.
-You Ever See you a Man Get His Head Bit off Doc!!! Literally Bit Right Off his Fuckin Shoulders!  What the Fuck do you think you know About Fear or the Darkness… What do you know about being covered in the Best Man from my Wedding Guts! Slow Crawling  for what seemed like a lifetime until I couldn’t hear the Howls and you could feel the sun… What the Fuck You Know about that Doc! It Bit His Head Offfff!!!
-Give him 13 milligrams of Recodaal that should give him some dreamless sleep.
-No sun in this canopy Walt… Pillars all the way up to heaven…  

Fragment of session with Frank Montalvo, at Silent Pines Asylum.  Part of a group of Journalist embedded with a N.A.U. Recon Squad. Only Montalvo survived. Retrieved at the edge of the Forest by N.A.U. Engineer Corps.

Halloween is upon us once again and we here at Shockwork Studio would like to give everyone a little surprise. 
The most horrifying faction in BlackRain... 


Haunting the forests that fill the land from Serbia to Belarus from Poland to Russia.
 Skeletons, Ancient Ciphers, Gruesome Trophies that cover the tree line stand as warnings to all outsider's.

"Entering this Dark Forest is a prayer for Death."

Shockwork Studio proudly presents 

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Michał Bernat, an artist and illustrator. Art director of Shockwork Studio, responsible mainly for the concept-art as well as the art cohesion of the whole project.
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