Weathermen #1, Bay Area Reclamation

"Weathermen" series of articles will focus on the background of Black Rain universe, it's Lore. You'll read about the heroick actions of it's heroes, their personal agendas and dramas, as well as more global issues of the wrold. This episode is about the very last events that changed alot in the political situation of the Northern hemisphere.

BlackRain is set in on Earth, near the end of 21st century, at the fringe of the new great conflict. The 3rd world war changed the entire economic, political, and military climate. What was a series of brushfire wars and terrorism quickly escalated into Cataclysm...then the Rain came.

Selected parts from of an interview with the N.A.U. , Sgr. Jacob Malinsky, veteran of the Bay Area Reclemation.

-Were you prepared for the assault?

-We thought we were…

We had every advantage. We had the Greatest military, we had better standard equipment, we had more experience, more numbers, and more home field knowledge. We thought it was going to be a cake walk… a real Rambo campaign where we go in and kick some ass.

The 3rd Mechanized Platoon included 400 MAC units fresh off the assembly line, and were ready to strike from a Megalodon Cruiser in the bay, and on the other side we had an entire division. The plan was to cut off the reinforcements from the bay with our naval assets, while Mobile Recon units infiltrated key areas… drop ship strike teams were ready to reinforce any location if they made a beachhead anywhere along a 200 mile stretch of coast. Good plan, UNAS Operation Intel had a better one…

-What exactly happened? We never got a clear account of the situation, and I believe that everyone will agree with me… we deserve the truth.

-The Truth… was worse than what the minds up top let you think.


-Our military was the greatest force of the previous war, but the world changed, and we hadn’t. They descended on us with everything they had. An offensive assault like that has never been seen before on U.S. soil. Their technology… it was more than a simple bombardment. It was like nothing we had seen before; we’d seen reflex suits in action on our Spec-ops and in some of the high-end PMCs, but never an entire force. Everything they had was moving like the wind. We could not focus; drawing a bead on them was next to impossible. They held so many Beachheads, key points that we couldn’t stop. We would destroy one landing only to find 2 more taken. We’d send in fully loaded Comanche’s only to see them falling from the sky.

When the 3rd wave came, we were already far behind enemy lines. Anarchy would be an understatement, but it was not the worst. Once we started to regroup, we were ambushed again, barely able to take a breath from the ones we had just dealt with. I saw the Bashe with my own e-

-You mean Bashe, the Snake King? But it would mean that he's 60 now!

-I don't care how old he is, he moves like a demon. breaking what Mechanized Infantry we had left. Then the sound of muted small arms fire and running, it sounded like herds of cattle. They came from everywhere: the rooftop, windows, filling entire alleyways, and the worst part was that they looked like humans, but moved like animals. Fast, unwavering… their subsonic ammo barely made a sound when they fired… they charged with reckless speed, and I could see their knives flashing a split second after they had already hit home. One landed on Pvt. Conner burying a blade in each shoulder and firing 2 burst into his head… it leapt off of him before he even hit the ground ran up a drain pipe and disappeared over the rooftop.

-What happened next?

-We lost the bay, which means we lost 80 percent of the forces we committed. We might’ve had a chance if the battle were held just on the coast instead of in the city, but once they passed the sand, we were done… NAU Federal reinforcements along with peace keeping forces created a cordon around Bay Area. We pulled back and built the Western Wall.

The craziest thing is that about 15 years later, people were getting citizenship, moving over the wall and living better lives. The world isn’t what it was 5 years ago, and 5 years ago it wasn’t what it was 10 years ago. [...]"

In the Far East, a new Empire grew. China became the UNAS which was now hungry for conquest and advancement. They prefer to feed their people with the need for progress. "To move is to live" say UNAS's slogans, in everyday life, and in combat. Their first targets were Asian countries around China: the newly unified Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand...they all fell to the new regime.

But South East Asia was not enough for the UNAS, because their hunger was vast. The developments of Dr. Pan in the fields of bio-cyber augmentations gave the military new possibilities. Artificial muscle, bone, even entire limbs that helped create a new, perfect soldier. These soldiers were extraordinarily fast and agile, definitely no match for a mere human. Armed with cyborg soldiers Asia crossed the Pacific to conquer the wounded giant U.S. The Bay Area explicitly San Francisco was the target. A forward base was created, and N.A.U. soldiers were unable to force the UNAS back to the sea.

The U.S. did not have the same power it used to. A union with Canada, and Mexico was more of a collation than an actual need. The N.A.U. was born and strengthened with soldiers from the north and south morale soared. The people of the Union believed once more that North Americas military strength was unmatchable. They were wrong... 1st Bay War, and the loss of San Francisco proved that hard times for America were far from over. The N.A.U. still reeling from its shame and heavy losses during the “Repatriation” and New technologies developed during and after the 3rd World War changed the face of warfare forever. What the N.A.U. lacked in cutting edge tech it made up for in absolute resilience and tenacity. N.A.U. Soldiers had something different: a national pride and need to protect their homes. This was the first time in history that Americans were fighting major conflicts on their soil.

A series of ceasefires created an uneasy stabilization on the West Coast. When things seemed to be improving, treachery struck Western Europeans did not forget Americas acts during the Zadruga uprising nor Americas “Reparation”. Seeing America in such a debilitated state with a substantial force of its military on the new western front an invasion of Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States by the newly born EuroLance. Fighting two wars on two fronts and constant state of rebellion the N.A.U. is a country on the verge of collapse.
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