Ulysses and MaxMini's production

"On every battlefield the ranks of Mechanized Infantry stride, sowing the seeds of ruin. Being nearly impervious to small arms fire allows Mech Units to support Infantry in places conventional tanks never could. Mechs like the Ulysses,  with its wide array of load out, play a crucial role in not with fire power support but tactical operations as well. Mechanized Infantry are in every Major armed force and PMC. Even some Crime syndicates employ these profound machines giving them an edge of the competition."

This explanation on Mechs (short from Mechanized Infantry) from the Rulebook should give you a glimpse of what these machines of war trully are.

Some would say that Mechs are what tanks in the beggining of XXI century used to be; iron fist that could break the front, but also very fragile in crowded areas. They would be right...at least in a portion of it. Modern day Mechs are as deadly in a field as the are in a city. Ulysses is no different. This product of N.A.U.'s military industry is filled with all types of sensors and crowd control systems to survive every scenario possible. On top of that engineers put devastating weaponry to ensure that Ulysses will not only withstand enemies fire, but will pay off greatly.
Ulysses in 7th Company paint scheme 

Survive. Ulysses became a symbol of N.A.U. army and American's way of living. Always surrounded, attacked from all directions, and yet it fights. Like a monument of nation's sacrifice and labor. 

We'll talk more about Ulysses mech in the future, now take a look at 3D renders of that beast!

Ulysses and S.O.C. Gutierrez

Taking the opportunity we would like to announce that BlackRain is coming to Kickstarter next year! Miniatures will be produced in resin by MaxMini.eu. We are really happy with this big news, as it is an assurance of the quality of our models. Stay tuned for more information on BlackRain, Kickstarter and more.

Stay tuned,

Ulysses: Scott Kassekert
SOC Gutierrez: Dario Furlan

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