Weathermen#5, Lost dreams

Kessler Syndrome seen from the Earth's orbit.

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Second half of 21st century finally opened the sky for Mankind. Thanks to technological advancement and the growth of private space agencies, the dreams of lunar and even martian colonies were within reach. In only 5 years a trade route transporting Helium-3 from Moon was established, bringing Earth the clean energy source it needed so badly. Helium-3 was a catalyst for the future events, especially Alpha Strain program.

Next 10 years were remembered for establishing a self-sustainable colony on Mars, founded in the shadow of Icar Incident. The loosely amalgamated space program was a success and a joint Venusian mission was already in preparation.

But then the War started.

What was quickly labeled as the 3rd World War was a conflict like no other, in scale, loss of life, and technological advancement. For the first time in humanity’s history of warfare, combat was taken into the orbit. Satellites could rain death down with pinpoint accuracy or wipe entire areas clean like nothing had ever lived there, ready for re-population [see Kullver OD bomb, Heng-An clearing: 3 Caldrons] Nothing was safe from the eternally vigilant eye in the sky Some countries chose to move entire cities underground [see New Moscow warrens] Even P.M.C.s began to place satellites in orbit and Astral Assassination became routine.

Between the fight for control of Helium-3 lanes and the near genocidal death toll with over 4,000 satellites and space stations floating above the earth it was apparent that earth’s orbit needed regulation or humanity wouldn’t last another decade and Operation Weathermen was implemented by the 1000 Points Assembly. The Weathermen began to collect information from everything that orbited the earth. Protocol 13-1307 was initiated by Weatherman Cole.

Protocol 13-1307 the destruction of 5 key satellites brought destruction of 50 creating lanes of space debris moving at an astounding speed, shredding everything in its path. This domino effect left no more than ruin in the sky. 13-1307 was a reactionary plan to quickly bring about Kessler Syndrome theorized by Donald J. Kessler in circa 1978.

The Mars colony, H3 and dreams of colonization of Solar system were lost. Most of the world was in ruin, great powers arguing with each other, looking for an opportunity for expansion and self-preservation and sadly only cooperation could clear the sky. Anything that was once connected with the satellites was gone. New technologies took root and a new mentality of man is closer to that of his ancestor from 20th century, than that of his father.

[see 1PA Santiago Cordon]
[see 13-1307 Cole malefactor]
[see H3 Hegemony Unlimited]
[see Red Market Cordon]

Space debris lane above Denver.
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